Gazpromneft Shipping

Gazpromneft Shipping was established in December 2008 in order to provide operational management of Gazpromneft Marine Bunker's own fleet. Gazpromneft Shipping provides bunkering and petroleum transportation services and operates the group of oil-tankers and Arctic ice-breakers. 
The Company holds licences for:
  • providing cargo transportation services by sea;
  • conducting cargo handling operations with dangerous goods in seaports;
  • providing employing services for Russian citizens beyond the territory of Russia;
  • providing educational services (additional professional education). 

The quality and security management system has been implemented at Gazpromneft Shipping. The system has been certified for compliance with the requirements of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code and the ISO 9001:2008 “Quality management systems” international standard.

Ten bunkering vessels: Gazpromneft Zuid East, Gazpromneft Zuid West, Gazpromneft Omsk, Gazpromneft Nord East, Gazpromneft East, Gazpromneft West, Gazpromneft Nord, Gazpromneft Zuid, Gazpromneft Nord West and Gazpromneft Murmansk, four crude oil tankers: Shturman Skuratov, Shturman Scherbinin, Shturman Koshelev and Lagorta, and two ice-breakers: Alexander Sannikov and Andrei Vilkitsky currently operate under Gazpromneft Shipping's management. The Company has extensive geography of activities across the Russian territory, and it operates in all key sea and river ports of Russia as well as in the Tallinn port. The vessels carry out bunkering operations in the ports of the North-Western region, in the Black Sea, in the Far East and outside the Russia’s territorial waters. Bunkering operations of fishing vessels in fishing areas are performed as well. 

Gazprom Neft Shipping is a member of the “National Chamber of Shipping” union.

Certificate (2016 re-certification) - ISO 9001:200 
Certificate (December 2014 version) - OHSAS 18001:2007
Certificate (December 2014 version) - ISO 14001:2004